By knowing all the rules and policies on Glow green, we can help you become a successful reseller. So before placing your order (bulk orders only), make sure you contact us through the provided Toll-free number and, check and understand our policies and all applicable laws and regulations which will help you avoid potential problems. We make sure to minimise all possible risks to resellers. We protect every intellectual property rights. We aim to provide equal opportunities to every reseller and provide an enjoyable experience.

To ensure the success of all of our resellers, we provide a training program that takes each reseller through our step-by-step successful methodology. Our training program is designed to install the confidence and knowledge necessary to build a beneficial business. We even offer ongoing support after the completion of the course to help you be as successful as possible.

On a global scale, LED lighting has risen to a great pitch, which is very beneficial for all of us. The LED lighting market is forecasted to grow 45% each year. Our aim is to encourage all our resellers to expand their business and become part of one of the fastest growing markets.

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Why Choose Us

  • Years of experience in the LED market.
  • Good quality products and services guaranteed.
  • Highly innovative professionals with many years of experience.
  • Friendly offers and best prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accomplish success in one of the fastest growing markets of LED lighting through our quality products and services. We aim to provide innovative lighting solutions which are both energy and cost efficient for a greener environment.

What We Do

We are a market leading innovator of LED lighting solutions. We manufacture and sell high quality LED lighting products and services. We provide bulk orders and also provide orders for sampling. We also provide quality services to resellers.