Lighting Solutions

Glow Green is making giant strides in the market of LED lighting solutions. Our goal is to provide innovative lighting systems that efficiently place light where it is needed to create comfortable, highly visual environments. Lighting for merchandise spaces should be considered not just a functional necessity, but a form of visual communication between the retailer and the consumer.

Glow Green offers a wide variety of LED Lights and luminaries to efficiently and effectively light the various areas inside and outside the retail store. Entrances, sales area, auxiliary spaces, stock rooms, restrooms, check out areas, and outdoor areas

Customers are influenced throughout the store by visual presentations. Store front windows and interior designs can engage the consumer and pull them into the selling arena. Properly lighted and balanced presentations can also give merchandise added appeal and highlight unique selling features. Lighting is also vital to creating a pleasant atmosphere that suits the theme of the store – from subtle and sophisticated to boldly theatrical.

Achieving your retail lighting goals can indeed be a complex process, requiring not only the latest in lamp and luminaire technology, but also proper lighting application methods and modern techniques. We will also reduce energy costs and improve the effectiveness of lighting in retail premises by using energy efficient lighting technology and techniques.

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  • Years of experience in the LED market.
  • Good quality products and services guaranteed.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to accomplish success in one of the fastest growing markets of LED lighting through our quality products and services. We aim to provide innovative lighting solutions which are both energy and cost efficient for a greener environment.

What We Do

We are a market leading innovator of LED lighting solutions. We manufacture and sell high quality LED lighting products and services. We provide bulk orders and also provide orders for sampling. We also provide quality services to resellers.